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Gaelic board books for babies and toddlers.

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 A Shutha Chòir (0-5 years)
Gaelic edition of Rod Campbell's  'Dear Zoo'.  What kind of pet would you want from..
 Cho Mòr ’s a Tha Mo Ghaol Ort (0-3 years)
Gaelic version of 'Guess How Much I Love You'. A charming story with a message that will speak to..
 Càit a bheil Spot? (0-3 years)
Càit a bheil Spot? Where's Spot? Where can Spot have gone? Is he hiding? Lift the flaps to fi..
 Leabhar beag nam bèibidhean beaga (0-3 years)
A cute book of babies playing, eating and sleeping which introduces young children to interaction..
 Luchag Bheag (0-3 years)
Gaelic edition of Mary Murphy's  'Mouse is Small'.  Bright and colourful illust..
 SPLOIS!  (0-3 years)
Gaaelic edition of David Melling's 'Splosh!' Gaelic only Board book : 22 pages Size: ..
An e seo mo shròin?  (0-3 years)
Can you find your nose, your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your chin? Illustrated by Georgi..
An Sù (0-3 years)
There are plenty of talking and counting opportunities in this lovely colourful book set in a zoo..
Aodainn Annasach (0-3 years)
The kids will enjoy trying to make these funny faces that they see in the book. Go to the final p..
Aon, dhà, trì… Ruith! (0-3 years)
This is the Gaelic version of One, two, three ... Run! Lots of energy in this simple story ab..
A’ Chiad Leabhar Dubh agus Geal do Naoidhein (0-3 years)
This title contains beautifully designed high-contrast black-and-white images that are easy for b..
Bròg is Ad, Cò leis a tha iad? (0-3 years)
A book filled with flaps and fun that you can read with your child. With flowing read-aloud text,..
Calum Cadalach (0-3 years)
One wee one, just like yourself. When it comes to bed time, will there be a fuss? Take a look. ..
Caoraich ri Cleasachd / An Gobhar Greannach  (0-4 years)
Two delightful Farmyard Tales stories in a single book. Read the first story, flip the book over ..
Caraidean Càirdeil: Aon, Dhà, Dh’Èirich Sinn Tràth (0-3 years)
Come and spend the day at nursery! Little fingers will love to lift the five fun peekaboo flaps t..
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