Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ablekids would like to assure customers that no details gathered in the process of completing a sale are sold to or shared with third parties. Ablekids does not have access to the credit/debit card details of any customers as this information is dealt with exclusively by PayPal.

Customers have the option of creating an account before purchasing goods or not creating an account.

By creating an account you agree to your details being added to the Ablekids database. This allows Ablekids to provide an account history for customers who may wish to view previous orders. Data is also stored about how often an account-holding customer logs onto the Ablekids website.

If  customers do not wish to have their information stored by cookies in this way, please do not create an account. This does not affect your ability to purchase or exclude you from any special offers.

If you have any further queries about how your personal information is stored or used, please contact

Ablekids abides by the Data Protection Act 1998.