• An Safari Albannach aig Kitty (3-7 years)

Join the Purry family on an unusual tour of Scotland as Kitty Purry indulges her love of knitting. If you can't name many animal statues before you start reading, you'll certainly know a few by the time you finish. And then there is the cheeky, stowaway mouse to spot!

Lots of beautiful and humorous watercolour illustrations bring this story to life including lovely little details, like the emoji badge on Dad's hat which changes expression depending on how he is feeling. 

Written by Pauline Mackay; illustrated by Brian Robertson, translated into Gaelic by Steaphan MacRisnidh

Paperback: 32 pages full colour illustrations

Size: 269 x 216mm

ISBN: 97810280270

This is a Gaelic only language version.

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An Safari Albannach aig Kitty (3-7 years)

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